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Yoga and meditation can be compared to sisters – each training is diverse in its own specific manner, however both are grounded in other worldliness and their advantages on the brain and the body. yoga is known to improve adaptability, parity, perseverance and physical quality.

Is yoga a diet? Why you can lose weight with yoga

Can you lose weight with yoga?” This Doubt, which many people care about. If you answer completely, you can expect the full diet effect of yoga.

Does yoga make my body softer?

I get a lot of questions about this question. Looking at the yoga pose pictures, all of them can only be done if the body is soft. Beautiful! On the other hand, I tend to think that this is impossible for me. .

10 things you need to know to enjoy yoga

For those of you who are starting yoga, we have summarized 10 things that you can start more fun by knowing.

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